I need to talk to a human that works for Republic. How?

See above. See Above. See above.

Submit a help ticket requesting to set up a phone call

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I’ve got a better idea. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

Hi @donnies.3bg76m,

I’m human and I work for Republic. Sorry I didn’t see your post immediately. Is there something we can help you with?

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We have evidence that one of these is true. WIth the 24 hours a day that you work I’m leaning toward cyborg or AI on the other.



I’ve found your ticket and will make sure someone gets in touch with you. It seems you were given the information in answer to the question you had, but if you’re still having trouble, we can have someone contact you.


Please feel free to contact me. But at this point my frustration level and blood pressure are so high issue probably cannot be resolved.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve been through such a frustrating experience, and that I wasn’t immediately available when you posted. Our Help team has been alerted that you are still in need of assistance.

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About 3 or so yrs ago, I did specifically request a phone call for a recurring problem I had been working on through a help ticket. CRICKETS.

I’m sorry to hear this and believe circumstances have changed for the better in the intervening three years. For what it’s worth, as one of Republic’s Community Experts, I’ve helped facilitate phone contact from time to time. Please note, to protect customer privacy, Republic’s Community Experts are not allowed to call customers. In fact, we don’t even know your phone number nor should we.

More on the Community Expert program is linked here:

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