I need to talk with someone about phone that was runover by a car. Please save me a trip to Raleigh

My motoGXt1031 phone was run over by a car this afternoon. I need help. I am going to have to order a new phone. Can we keep the same plan and phone number?

Hi @ronaldk.i3af5m!

Oh dear! That is definitely not good. You will be able to keep your number. Depending on what phone you get, you may or may not be able to keep your plan. If you want to keep your plan, you will need to buy a Republic version of one of the following phones: Moto X1 or X2, Moto G1 or G3, or Moto E1 or E2 . Republic doesn’t sell any of those anymore so you will need to buy them used from eBay or Swappa. Any other phone you buy (from Republic or a supported model bought elsewhere) will utilize the new My Choice plans. The my choice plans have a $15 base price for unlimited talk and text and it’s $5 a gigabyte for data (you won’t be refunded for data and the data won’t rollover). I hope that helps!

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If you order a new phones, you will transfer your number on step 13 of this activation guide:

If you replace your phone with an older, used model, you will use this guide:

You will see “Replace” a number with the older phones, instead of Move a number.

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