I ordered a new phone on the 3rd of Jan with 2 day shipping, I still haven't got it?



What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description


Have you received a shipping notification. Today would be the earliest it could arrive if the shipping was made the same day.


No I haven’t received any notification.
My credit card has been charged for the new phone.
I leave the country on the 10th and my old phone is broken and need a phone while I’m away.


Hin @kiwinz8,

May we know when you ordered the phone?


As I said above, I ordered it on the 3rd


Does it show up in your invoices?



Sorry about that, I managed to miss it’s in the title of your post. Republic’s fulfillment center was closed for New Year’s through January 2nd. An order placed on the 3rd wouldn’t ship until the 4th at the earliest. At best 2 day shipping (those would be business days) would get your phone to you tomorrow. Additionally, due to the seasonal holidays, Republic has been running a bit behind on shipping.

That your card has been charged is usually a good sign. That you haven’t received an email with tracking information less so. Have you verified such an email might not have landed in an email spam folder. If you don’t have it, I suggest you open a ticket and inquire with staff.


Here’s the invoice.
Invoice # INV17121384

Jan 3, 2019 2:40 PM
New Purchase
Total $227.92

FedEx 2 Day Shipping
Moto G⁶ Play (32GB) (Deep Indigo)
Republic Wireless SIM Card GSM
Sub Total
Show Taxes


Hi @kiwinz8,

Please understand you’ve posted your question in Republic’s online Community forums. Most of us here (myself included) are fellow customers not staff. I’m afraid the invoice doesn’t help us help you further. Tracking information is supplied by Republic via an email when the order ships. If you can’t locate that somewhere in your email folders (again please check spam folders if you haven’t already done so), then you need staff assistance.


Yes it shows up in Invoices.
Checked Spam folder not in there.


Thanks I submitted a Ticket.


Hi @kiwinz8,

I’m sorry you’re still waiting for your order. I had a banner in Community and took it down this weekend thinking there would be no further questions about orders.

Our fulfillment center was closed for the holidays, then they had their annual inventory process. We were advised that the inventory process would be complete on Thursday 1/3, allowing orders to ship on Friday, however, the inventory process was extended through this morning. Orders will begin to ship this evening.


Apparently you are out of luck…I ordered a phone with two day shipping on December 21!!! I have yet to receive it. Even with emails to and from the staff. It still hasn’t shipped!!! Have a nice trip out of town. YOu have been burned.


Hi @donaldlm,

It appears that both the orders mentioned in this topic have not only been shipped, they have been delivered.

We have truly had some highly unusual delays from our fulfillment center lately, and we are making some significant changes to prevent such problems in the future.

We have also gone to great lengths to try to be sure no one is “burned.” When issues arise that impact our members, we work hard to set things right. We understand that when you place an order and don’t receive it, it’s a very frustrating experience, and as we work through these issues we make sure every member ends up with his order. This has included sending staff out of state during the holidays to work side-by-side on the fulfillment lines with our fulfillment partners, and keeping staff in the office late on the Friday before Christmas to package and ship all available inventory from the office for orders our fulfillment center had not yet shipped.

The fulfillment issues have been a top priority for us. I’m sorry the experience did not meet your (or our) expectations, and I sincerely hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your trust again.


Thank you very much for getting back to me. Now that the smoke has settled I really do understand the craziness of fulfillment and depending on shippers to get everything delivered. Doesn’t go smoothly all the time. Life goes on and Republic is our families only phone company.


This is THE biggest thing I truly like and respect about RW.
The staff care about their customers, communicate with them, and actually DO things to address the situations as they arise.
I have never come across such a service provider with such a mindset of dedication to provide customer service and actually follow through with it behind the scenes.

The same can not be said about Google Fi.
It has been despicable experience of useless to no communication at all from them in regards to the service and order fulfillment/promotions since Black Friday for many many customers.
Their forums are a useless mess and are not helpful in any small definition of the word.
Worst than Comcast. Yes…i have discovered that is possible.

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