I placed an order a few minutes ago but I'm not sure if it went through

I don’t think it did, but I don’t want to order again and get charged for 2 phones.

How can I tell if the initial order was successful? I got an email that said welcome to republic wireless, but it didn’t say anything about my order.

When you order a phone, do you immediately get a confirmation email?

if you go here, sign in if you need to, using the same email and password you used to create the account


Hi @stephenm1,

I see you have a ticket open and our team is working with you there. They’ll make sure to get any confusion straightened out.

For anyone else who may find themselves in this situation, most of the time the advice @TheDoctor gave will tell show you your order. However, there are rare situations where an order ends up in a state where it has not yet appeared in the member account portal. If you have any question at all please wait before placing a second order, and open a support ticket so our staff can look into it.

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