I really wish it wasn't so hard to find a compatible phone

Find a bring your own phone for Republic. I have been a Republic user for a few years now using a MotoG phone but want a S6 now but they don’t sell them anymore so I go on eBay and find the required phone and several show up but how does one know the below:

  1. That it’s a North American unlocked phone–which is required
  2. It’s not a branded phone because all the descriptions states is its T-Mobile which is GSM.
    Republic site states it can’t be branded
  3. It has to have one of dozens of build numbers Republic states it has to have and those are hard to find or get the seller to find for you.

IF Republic sold a S6 I would just buy one from them but they don’t. I like small phones.

So lets say I go to a S7–will I have the same issues finding one? A previous post I read states the S6 and J3 are very hard to find that will work with Republic. I do not want a new Samsung with a huge screen.

Hi @brucel.6ij52e,

Welcome to our member Community, and I’m glad you’re being so cautious about what you’re buying. In fact, if you don’t mind, I’m going to edit your title for more context, because it’s really really important that people understand that buying a compatible phone requires so much more than just looking at the name or even, in some cases, the model number.

@louisdi maintains an excellent topic with guidance here:

On top of that, if you’ll post the link to any phone you’re considering, members of the Community can help you confirm the phone is supported.


Great, thank you.

Here is just an example of an eBay S7 for sale (hope the link works)–

wrong link–I have to find a SM-G930U model but even then who knows if it’s a North American unlocked with a certain build number.

Hi @brucel.6ij52e,

To add some context to the conundrum that is Samsung’s Galaxy S6 much of the responsibility rests with Samsung. Regrettably, Samsung used the same model number SM-G920T for both the factory unlocked variant of the Galaxy S6 (which works with Republic) and the T-Mobile branded variant (which does not).

Republic resorts to specifying software build numbers as a means of differentiating the two. You’ll find it easier to source an S7 but due to the lack of accountability of some sellers there, I suggest Swappa as an alternative to eBay:

Look for model SM-G930U and stay away from anything that says dual SIM.

I’m afraid that one is intended for use with T-Mobile and will not work with Republic.

I have never heard of Swappa. I would but the below if I knew it would work with Republic.

Hi @brucel.6ij52e,

Swappa is my preferred venue for secondary market (a/k/a used) phones. I’ve both bought and sold there. If you click through the link, most of those phones are Republic compatible. The key is the specific listing reference model SM-G930U. If the specific listing mentions dual SIM, it’s an international variant and not Republic compatible.


Just ordered this one. Hope it works.

Can I just do a sim card swap out from my MotoG to this and all will work or do I need a new sim card?

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