I recently bought a Nexus 5x and was wondering Republic wireless's polices on rooting?

Being a person who loves tech, I push my products to the limit. So after I bought my Nexus 5X from Republic naturally rooting was the first thing that came to mind. I don’t want to have any issues with Republic not permitting rooting, so I was wondering what is rules and policies on rooting?

basically Root at your own risk

in the pass this forum (back be users) will still answer questions and try and help a rooted user

Rooting and User Modification

What’s Republic’s stance on rooting and user modification?

While you will still be able to use your rooted or modified phone on Republic’s service (provided you are not abusing our service or otherwise violating our Terms of Service), you will void your Manufacturer and Republic warranties on your phone and be unable to receive any future support assistance for that device.

See our Terms of Service for more info:

    1. Mobile Devices and Related Matters, Including Privacy.
    1. License; Intellectual Property.
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