I switched phones, do I need a new SIM card?


What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus
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Issue Description

I bought a SIM card for a Nexus 5X. The Nexus 5X started boot looping. I switched back to an old Moto G I had. I recently received a Moto G5 Plus for christmas, however the SIM card used in the Nexus 5X isn’t working on the G5. I was getting an error saying the SIM card is locked, however I removed the SIM card and reinstalled it, the phone started activating then stopped and now says “Unsupported Phone.” Can I reactivate the SIM card or do I need a new SIM card?


How long did you switch back to the old Moto G for? If the SIM from the 5X was inactivate for more than 20 days, you’ll need a new SIM. (It’s also possible, if the 5X was CDMA activated, that the SIM can’t be moved. You can tell this by looking at the SIM, if the word Republic is in all gray/black, then you can’t move it).


It was definitely inactive for more than 20 days. I’ve ordered a new one,
thank you for all your help. Have a Happy Holiday season!


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