I switched to the annual billing plan and my phone number has changed?

What phone do you have? Moto G5plus

What plan are you on? Mychoice 1GB annual

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

I recently switched to the annual plan with 1GB. Then I noticed I had 3GB in my account for the month (strange, but nice.) Then totally unrelated, I did a factory reset to get my phone running better. Now it appears that my phone number has changed b/c my friends say my texts are coming from a new phone number when I text them. Please help.

Hi @mattbrodine!

When did this start happening? After the annual plan or after you factory reset the phone? Also, how many lines are on your account?

Try to login to the online account portal. Do you see your correct phone number listed?

Did u reinstall the Republic Wireless app and re-refresh the Republic Activation after u did a factory reset?

Also, if you are using Google Messages as your texting app, be sure to Disable the RCS “Chat features”.

Hi @mattbrodine,

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Neither of the things you mentioned is related to the Annual Payment option.

We have a bug where if you bought one-time data last month, the app may erroneously report that you have that same total amount this month. It’s a reporting error, and when you consume the data you’ve actually paid for, data will stop working, because you’ll be out.
We’re working to squash that bug, but it’s a pesky one.

As for the incorrect phone number, I believe @SpeedingCheetah has covered the possible causes and their solutions.

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