I think it's time for a new phone

-Moto X 2nd Edition
-$10 a month plan
-only talk and text
NO data

I have had this phone for a couple years now (believe 3 or very close to 4 years). Anyways, the battery life is growing shorter and shorter… Like I will have it at a full battery, turn it off, leave it off for a while, and then when I turn it back on, it is either: half full or below 30%.

I am looking at the Moto E4 Plus currently, only thing is I don’t want to have to change to the 15$ plan. :frowning:

None of us really like the price increase for the basic talk/text that goes with getting a new phone for use with RW.

As another member I can tell you that all the benefits of having a new phone with the improved user experiences is well worth the increase for most members who have upgraded.

If you dislike it enough you can always purchase another RW specific older Legacy phone and keep your current plan. Advise against another older phone and to keep looking at the Moto E4 Plus if you value your time, money and sanity.


if it’s just battery life then one can have the battery replace at a local repair shop (this would be cheaper than a new phone)
(I recommend a repair shop as they have the tools and know how)

if you feel you are handy with small parts here’s a guild to how to replace https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Motorola+Moto+X+2nd+Generation+Battery+Replacement/40717

as for a local repair shop this is a national chain https://www.cellphonerepair.com/

as for new phones the Moto E4 Plus is nice but it may feel as a step down from a Moto X 2nd, the Moto G5 Plus or Moto G5S Plus would be more of a step up (or the Moto X4)


Question for you, PlaneTherapist:

Since upgrading my two Moto X 1st gens to Lollipop, both have experienced sporadic bugs on a regular basis. Since my mother left her Moto X1 on Kit Kat and has not had most of those problems, I’ve come to realize the bugs are inescapable on a Moto X1 with Lollipop, so I’m starting to think about upgrading.

You say that the user experience on the RW 3.0 phones is much improved over 1.0/2.0 phones like the Moto X1. Could you give some examples? For example, does it successfully transition between WiFi and Cell every time, rather than only half the time like my phone? Are there fewer instances of frequent sound cut-outs during calls? Do the phones act less buggy when using apps? Do they ever reboot themselves for no reason? Etc.

Yes, things like call handover, and other republic utilities are much smoother on 3.0. It was one of the most obvious things for me when I upgraded to my G5s+ from my X2.

I rarely had this issue on my X2 but have never experienced it on my G5s+.

Since Republic is out of the rom you more or less get what everyone else in north america gets. So you can easily research what phones might have more issues than others.

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Hi @tomus486,

A combination of newer phones and choice of networks is what improves the user experience. I assume RW has had time to work most of the bugs out of their blended WiFi/cell calling.

Most of the bugs/issues you describe were not present or have gone unnoticed when using my Legacy phones. My X1 died 1 1/2 years ago and my current G3 works fine but gets little use these days.

Chances are good you’ll be glad you make the switch.


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Thank you for your input, PlaneTherapist. I appreciate it.

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