I updated my old Moto G4 with an unlocked Moto G7 Power XT1955-5

Republic wireless says that model number is compatible but when I put the SIM card in and try to open the app it says the phone is not compatible. What should I do?

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Where did you buy the phone from? RW direct or from a retail store or online store like ebay?

What is the exact message you are seeing?

If from Ebay, you may have gotten a misrepresented phones that is really a carrier model, which would not be supported on RW.

have your confirmed that you really got a Factory Unlocked XT1955-5?

In the phones About section, what is the Model number listed and the Software Channel?

As noted on this page Compatible phones

1BYOP Motorola phones will need to be North American factory unlocked, and on software channel RETUS, AMZ, or FI to be compatible with Republic Wireless. Any other software channel cannot be activated or used. To find the software channel on your Motorola phone, please follow these steps. Please note that factory unlocked is not the same thing as an unlocked carrier-branded phone and carrier-branded models are not compatible.

I got it from ebay and its originally an T-Mobile phone that was unlocked. Is there any way to clear the phone to be able to use it or do I have to return it?

No. Sorry, but as stated, Carrier Unlocked is not the same as Factory Unlocked.
RW only supports certain North American Factory Unlocked phones, due to the unique nature of how their service works.

You would need to return it if the seller will accept it.

This article my help you:

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