I ve switched to a Moto G4 and will be selling my Moto X (2 gen)

I ve switched to a Moto G4 and will be selling my Moto X (2 gen). I did a factory reset from settings and deleted all. Have I also deleted my phone number and other personal info from the RW sim card within?

There is no personal information on the Moto X (both generations) SIM cards. They must remain with the phone even if you sell it or give it away. I hope you removed any screen protectons (PIN, Etc.) before the factory reset. If not, you need to repeat that process with the protection removed.

Hi @don.canaan,

No need to worry about any personal or service information on the SIM. There was never any there to begin with. Your Republic Moto X2 is a CDMA phone. CDMA phones tie service to the phone not the SIM. Please leave the SIM with the phone. Your buyer will need it.

One question for you. Before you did the factory reset, did you remove any screen lock protection that might be on the phone? If not, you’ll need to go back, enter your Google account information, remove that then factory reset again. If not , your buyer won’t be able to get into the phone due to the so-called “kill switch”.

Finally, Republic offers guidance for selling your X2 here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones.

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