I want Sprint Network!

I want to get a Moto G4 plus, but I want it with on Sprint. I know RW’s* magic zip code wand* will put me on the best network based on the zip code I put in. My home and work have good TMobile coverage, but outside of my immediate area TMobile is bad. I’ve been happy with Sprint coverage for the years I’ve been with RW and would like to stay on the Sprint network.

So…if I’m nice when I order, and ask for the Sprint sim, and say please and everything, can I get it?? If not, I suppose I have to try and find Sprint and TMobile coverage maps…then find a zip code (not mine) that only has Sprint coverage, and plug that zip code in. Right? Any other ideas to make SURE I get the phone with a Sprint sim??

I your zip doesn’t exclude the GSM-only phones try 56501.

Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate it.

I am having the same problem. I had Moto E phones for years with republic and ordered a Moto 5 G Plus not knowing it would put me under another carrier tower. It is awful! I want to be back on Sprint. I already have the sim card they sent me. I’d like to know more about the idea of zipcode change. If I change the zipcode on my address in my account, will that change me to Sprint? Very frustrating. I cannot make calls and I am missing most texts!!! Thanks appreciate any guidance.

open a help ticket and ask for a cdma sim… to be sent to you…

have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi @ginad.ygsbjv,

To directly answer your question, no changing the zip code for the address in your account settings won’t change the coverage your phone is provisioned with.

Is this the SIM that came with the G5+ or a new SIM Republic sent after the fact for the purpose of addressing the coverage situation? If the latter, it is likely the SIM needed to put you back on Sprint and you’ll need to activate it in place of the SIM currently in the G5+. Otherwise, @drm186 has linked Republic’s documentation for how to request the CDMA (Sprint) SIM.

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Thank you, I have put a request in for the sim card! I hope this works :slight_smile:

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