I want to cancel my republic wireless account as soon as possible

I submitted a request but republic wireless says there is a pending order and they are not able to process my request. Please help me asap.


It’s unclear as to what your issue is.

Did you order a new phone, and now decided you don’t want it? If so, Republic normally isn’t able to cancel the order, since the order is handed by a third party.

You can send the phone back for a refund when you receive it. Return and Replacement Policy

From what I understand in your Lost phone thread, you are porting a number to AT&T. When your port completes your Republic Wireless phone line will be cancelled. From Cancel My Republic Service :

Before You Cancel

Are you keeping your phone number?

If you want to keep your phone number, you’ll need to transfer it to another provider BEFORE you cancel your service with Republic Wireless.

Once your number has been transferred to your new provider, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Service with Republic for that phone line will automatically be canceled when your transfer is complete—no need to come back and cancel.

The community members are other Republic Wireless members such as yourself. We don’t have access to your account.

Please open a help ticket, or update your existing help ticket if you already have one open


You can also live chat with RW help by clicking on the blue Live Chat button within the same interface

I am not porting my number; I just need to have the account closed.

You’ve responded to a year old thread, about someone who was porting their number. You’d be better off trying to get help in a new thread. Here are the general steps for canceling: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help

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Hi @raymondg.ozenzf,

You can do this easily using a computer and logging into your account. How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help This would cancel your phone service.


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