I want to change services. Is my moto g7 locked?

Is my Republic Moto G7 lcoked?

Hi @bradone

All Republic 3.0 phones are North American factory unlocked and can be used with any provider that is willing to activate them.

Is there something we in the Community or Republic can do to help you with your current service?


Might have been a good idea to look up my previous ticket. Non rollover of data was/still is my problem. Who is the tower provider for Republic? Thank you for your quick response.

You’ve opened a thread in a community forum. No one here is able to look up your ticket history (we’re customers like you). Republic hasn’t had the Refund Plan in over 3 years (since July 2016). In any case your old phone used Sprint. The new phones can use Sprint or T-Mobile. Best of luck with a new provider.


As Community contributor, and fellow Community Ambassador, we are like you and none of us have access to tickets other than our own.
Rollover of data was for the Legacy devices only, and has never been available for the 3.0 Plans, which are required for the phone you have.


I was unaware I was contacting the community. I thought I was contacting the help desk. Non rollover of minutes disappeared a long time ago. I hope Republic considers it but at this time unless Republic chooses to add 1gb per month, with rollover, to my plan there is little point. I would have never been looking if Republic had rolled over purchased data. I have at least 10 friends on Republic. I fear that may change. Management not staying current with the market can be quite damaging to a business. You lost a customer from the early days!

Thank you for your response.

That’s precisely the point. The Refund Plan was not popular. The market for it is very small (as is shown by there being one carrier out there with such a plan). The price of data required for a plan like the Refund plan was unpopular. For the vast majority of cell phone customers out there the new plans are less expensive than the old ones.


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