I want to give my old RW phone to a friend

Hi guys.

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I have a Moto E (Gen 1) I’m no longer using (I moved up to a G4). I want to give the phone to a friend so she can use with RW. She’d be a new customer. Phone still has a SIM card and was last used less then 6 months ago.

How do I go about this? What are the basic steps?


  1. Activate the new phone and transfer your contacts, photos and so on to the new phone.

  2. Remove any screen lock pin number from the old phone if you had one.

  3. Factory reset the old phone.Factory Reset

  4. Hand the phone over to your friend and have her activate the phone. She will be placed on the 2.0 refund plan. Activate My Phone


I was curious: would it help the process if my friend set up an account on RW in advance of activating the phone? Seems like the whole account setup might be easier on a PC and then activate the phone.

She can only sign up for a community account, since you are giving her your old phone. My guess is that there isn’t much to be gained, as far as activating the phone. It will be helpful, however, if she has a Google account already set up.

Thanks. I think she already has a Google account but will check again.

Another question if I may: I was about to do the factory reset (everything has already been backed up to my google accounts and Dropbox), but warnings on the phone’s last screen that has the “reset phone” button stated in part: “This will erase all data from your phone’s internal storage including: Your Google account…”

I assume the reset action will not totally delete my google account from the google system. Right? I still have my new phone and a android tablet both using the account along with all my contacts, calendar, etc.

Thanks for answering all my pestering questions.

a factory data reset will only remove the Google account stored on the phone (removing google account phone from your google account

More questions…

marshallh mentioned in his first reply that when re-activating the Moto E phone, it would be placed on the 2.0 Refund plan. Is that plan still available? (If so that would be great…).

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

the Legacy phones can not use the 3.0 plans and will activate on new account/new lines on the 2.0 refund plans

3.0 phones must have the 3.0 plans

a current 1.0 line (active before July 2015) can use a legacy phone as a replacement to keep their 1.0 plan

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