I want to go from a moto G7 power to a samsung phone, is this hard for a non-tech person?

I dropped my moto G7. I was thinking about buying a Samsung because it looks like Moto is having wifi issues. Wil a non-technical person have a hard time switching companies?

It should be as simple as following this link Activate which can be found at the bottom of most pages.

Hi @peterr.cepq1s,

I think that’s a good question, but it doesn’t have an easy answer. It depends entirely on your personality and your ability to adapt to new things.

If you like things to stay the way you’ve learned them and get frustrated every time an app update changes where an icon sits or how it looks, or every time an Android update moves things around or changes the look of a button, then you’re probably going to have a very high frustration level as you move to a Samsung phone.

If you embrace change and get a little giddy at the thought of learning new things and trying out new ways of doing things, then you’ll be fine.

So it’s not so much how technical you are, as it is how easily you embrace change. The Samsung interface is significantly different from what you’re used to with Motorola phones, and there are lots of Samsung-specific functions and features to learn about.

Another option you might want to look into would be a Pixel, which will be more similar to the Motorola phone than a Samsung.

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