I want to keep my number

I have a phone plan with Republic and am in the process of ordering a new Moto with Republic. How do I ensure that I keep my current phone number?

Hi @daniels.wlybgy!

When you activate your compatible, new phone on Republic, there will be an option to move your number to the new device. It’s very simple and straightforward. See this help document. You may also want to consider ordering a new SIM card for your new device. I hope that helps!



Hi! Thank you for your helpful response! I’m glad to know it’s so easy to keep my number.

Do you know anything about the Moto G5 s? I’m looking for a phone with a good camera and battery life. It seems like that would be the best option, but would love feedback from other people!

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I don’t have any personal experience with the G5S. However, a fellow member has created a detailed comparison chart here: Detailed Supported Phone Features .


Thank you!


This post made me curious @daniels.wlybgy. Which phone are you upgrading from?.

The Moto G5+ has had pretty good reviews, I have not really seen much feedback on the G5+/s.

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Hi @daniels.wlybgy,

Please see:


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