I want to know if I have to have Google Play services on my phone?


Moto E (2nd Generation) with 4G LTE

1 GB unlimited call and texting

I normally use 32 to 42 at the most of MB a month. This month I have used up 58 MB and still have 9 days left. I checked to see what was using all my DATA and it turns out to be Google Play. I am not sure why it has gone up so much this month. I am wondering why do I need Google Play? I don’t play games or really use internet other that for calls and texting when I am out of wifi. I only have 3 apps that I use rarely but they do not take up much DATA. I would like to know if I have to have Google Play or can I turn it off and use it only when I need too?


Google Play Services a fundamental piece of the operating system. Yes your phone has it. It is how your phone communicates with Republic, gets security updates, bug fixes, etc. You shouldn’t try messing with it.


I thought that might be the case but I son’t understand why this month it has been using a lot more DATA than usual. I have not changed my phone practices and I know that for most 52 MB is nothing but when one has for over 2 years only used at most 42 MB then it can be a bit concerning. Thank you for the information.


58MB … many of us admire this low of usage of Cell Data :star_struck:
Google Play: Access the App then :menu: Menu (top Left) then :settingsicon: Settings
Under General … . Select how you want the app updates to occur (I use Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only … you may want to choose one of the other 2 options
You may want to further restrict you Cell Data usage via the Republic Wireless App
Access the App then Data Tools … Data Freeze will limit the use of Cell Data to only that needed for call set-up, SMS and Messages (none of which are charged against what you have to pay for)
ETA: …Sorry my bad, the setting/changes are for Google Play Store not Google Play Services


Google Play Services can “hide” data that comes from other apps that have to communicate during doze mode. Meaning, that usage could come from other apps that are syncing while the phone is in doze mode. Honestly 52MB is so little that trying to track it down would be an exercise in near futility.


Thank you for the information. I have stopped Google play store already.


Thank you Louisdi, for the information. I will just keep an eye on it. I know that again 56 MBs is nothing to most people. I do like to keep my bill low since I really only use my phone for calls and texting.


I did check Google Play Services … Settings/Apps … and it appears you can restrict 'cellular data in the background. It looks like the default is not restricted, but I have no idea what the results may be


If you only use your phone for calls and texting, is there a reason that you have a data plan at all?


I wouldn’t do that. Google Play Services is the transport method for background data on cellular. This could prevent things like texts from coming through when away from wifi.


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