I want to make an immediate plan change

I log into my account on the phone and on my pc to change my plan. It recognizes me and offers me options several but NONE for an immediate change of plan. Help and thanks

Plan changes are made from the Republic app on you phone. Click on the green dot with the white + sign and follow the screen prompts.

You didn’t tell us which phone you have. If you have a legacy model and are changing from the 1.0 plans to the 2.0 plans that change takes effect on your billing anniversary. If you are on the 2.0 plans and changing from on to another that change also takes place on your anniversary but you can buy data anytime.

If you are on the 2.0 Refund Plan…all plan changes are done in sync with your next billing cycle. If you need additional cellular data before the end of your current cycle, you can make a one-time data purchase. See here for details


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