I want to port my number out and keep my current plan


My wife and I have been with Republic Wireless for several years on the old $10/month plan that has talk, text and wifi (no data). I have a Moto X (1st Gen) and she has a Moto G (1st gen), but we’re looking to change providers and get iPhones. Meanwhile, our daughter has a Moto E (1st Gen) on the same plan. We want let her use the Moto X and our other daughter who doesn’t have a phone use the Moto G on the same $10/month plan. It’s just a phone shuffle and 1 account will be eliminated. Is it possible for both daughters to keep the $10/month plan?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @steves.d8ytnc,

When you transfer your and your wife’s number to your future service provider, the Moto X1 and Moto G1 will be deactivated. Information on transferring your numbers here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

Once done, the phones will become available for reactivation. Best practice would be to factory reset both phones. Post reset, it’s a matter of following onscreen prompts to reactivate.

For daughter #1, activate the Moto X as a replacement for her Moto E. Both number and current plan will move from her Moto E to the Moto X.

For daughter #2, activate the Moto G as a new line of service. It will activate on Republic’s refund plan, which includes a $10 option.


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