I want to return my new Moto e6, but want to go back to Moto g4 plus

What phone do you have? Moto e6

What plan are you on? 1Gb/Mo

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? both

Issue Description

<!Not happy with new Moto e6. Want to go back to Moto g4 plus.


If it has been 14 days or less since you activated the E6, you can use the Money Back Guarantee.

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I’m going to assume you’re asking about how to go back to the old phone. In order to do so, use the Republic app on the old phone just like you did on the new phone. Move the number back and it will deactivate the new phone and as long as you’re within the 14-day return period you’ll be able to return the new phone.

Thanks Louis,
Unfortunately, I’m outside the 14 day window. I’ve successfully gone back to the old phone. Please close this ticket. thanks.


To be clear, this was not a ticket, but a community inquiry. those of us answering are fellow customers not staff members and all of the replies you’ve received and sent are posted in the public forums.

Was there some things in particular you did not like about the E6?
That is pretty much the most affordable and popular budget phone model.

I had a Moto G4 Plus that would occasionally lock up and require a reboot. So I decided to try the Moto e6, but with less storage and poorer cell reception, I decided to return it.

That wouldn’t have anything to do with the phone but instead might be that you got a phone configured with a different cell partner than the G4+. In fact the E6 has more LTE band coverage than the older G4+ and would have better coverage if configured the same way.

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