I want to stop service today and avoid the charge for next month

What phone do you have? moto5g

What plan are you on? 30$

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?


Issue Description

I don’t want to be changed tomorrow for next month. how do I stop them from debiting my account?

Hi @bradw.qekela

I’m sure Republic is sorry to see you go. Is there anything they might be able to do to help you stay?

If not…
Here are instructions to cancel service:

Hi @bradw.qekela,

Our billing system is completely automated and runs overnight. Our Billing and Cancellation teams work normal business hours. Placing a request to cancel moments before midnight of your billing date makes it very unlikely you won’t be billed.

I’m not part of the billing team but I’ve taken an action on your account that I believe will suspend your payment tonight so our cancellation team can have a chance to talk to you about the requested cancellation tomorrow, during business hours. If the action I took was not successful, please know that our cancellation team tries very hard to honor the spirit of the request and work with our members to provide a refund when cancellation requests and billing dates overlap.

I’ve also merged your tickets into a single ticket so that our cancellation team can focus the conversation in a single place. There is no need to open any further tickets. They will be in touch with you tomorrow to take care of everything. Please rest easy tonight.


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