I want to switch my number to a new phone

I am switching from a Moto e5 play to a Moto G5s Plus, and I am wondering if I need to take the sim card from my old phone and put into my new one to keep the same phone number?

Also, I have a micro sd card that I am trying to take out of my old phone but I am not seeing the option to unmount it in settings, that option is not in the place where instructions I have found say it should be.

And I want to activate my old phone with a new number.

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In regards to your first question about moving the SIM, please see this document:Is It Okay to Swap SIM Cards Between Phones? – Republic Help . If you can swap it, then your phone number and everything else will move over to the new phone and your old one will automatically be deactivated. See this article on instructions for how to remove the SIM card from the E5 Play (it’s for the G4 Play, but they should be the same): How to Remove and Reinstall the SIM Card in a Moto G4 Play – Republic Help . Also, see this article for instructions on how to install the SIM in the G5S Plus: How to Install a SIM Card in a Moto G5S Plus – Republic Help .

In response to your last question, after activating the new phone with your number, your old one will be deactivated and ready to reactivate. See the following articles about how to activate a phone (you will be able to choose a new number during the process): How to Activate a Republic Wireless 3.0 Phone – Republic Help . You will need a new SIM card for the device.

As far as the micro SD goes, have you tried rebooting the phone and trying it again? If you haven’t, I would recommend trying that.

I hope that helps!

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