I want to transfer my old republic number to my new republic phone

I want to know if it’s possible to transfer my old republic number 208-xxx-xxxx, to my new republic phone 208-xxx-xxxx?

I just now finished doing that very same thing, and your question immediately popped up on my screen. What a coincidence!

It’s easy to do. Follow the instructions on Activate | Republic Wireless . As you go through the activation process, an instruction asks if you want to set up a new phone number or transfer your old number. Voila!

Hi @deborahc.ws2acm

You should never post personal info on a public website. Please edit you numbers out if you have the time. I will request moderation in case you miss this post.

Hi @deborahc.ws2acm,

If both new and old phone are active on Republic, Republic’s standard activation process isn’t the best approach. Rather, please raise a help ticket and work with Republic staff to sort this. You may do so here: Republic Help.

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