I went from a Moto G with data for $25/month to a Moto G4 with the 2G clearplan and it seems like a major downgrade.

I went from a Moto G with data for $25/month to a Moto G4 with the 2G clearplan and it seems like a major downgrade. I never had issues with calls on my old phone, I always had data and I could send and receive any types of texts. On my new plan I no longer seem to have data even though I’m paying for it, I can’t send or receive picture text, my group texts come in some type of downloadable package and the calls I make drop after 1 ring. I’ve talked to customer service and they recommended buying an older phone from a 3rd party. I will probably do that but I would like to go a step up from my moto G if possible while staying on my previous plan. Would a Moto X be better?

It sounds like the GSM network in your area is not good. That leaves you the following options:

  1. Buy a used Republic specific Moto G1, G3, E1, E2, X1 or X2.

  2. Wait until the new year when Republic offers the CDMA carrier on the compatible new phones with predictability. You’ll then be able to have the new phone and the old service.

Thanks for the info, I will probably go with the 3rd party option. Looking on Swappa I can get an X [XT 1049], or an X 2014. I guess both of those would work with my previous plan? Are either of them significantly better than the other and are both of them better than my old G?

The newer X, the Moto X 2nd Gen has a better processor, bigger and higher resolution screen and is a more modern phone.

If it where me, I would just take the phone to a different MVNO that offers Sprint’s network. Then come back if or when Republic decides they can offer Sprint coverage for the BYOD model to general public. https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones

Also, I don’t know if you have tried this yet, but I would go into the phone settings menu and see if there is some kind of VoLTE or enhanced 4G setting that isn’t set correctly.

VoLTE settings: Android | T-Mobile Support


Hold onto the G4 phone. Sprint 3.0 is in active testing and should be released very soon if testing goes well. The G4 will do CDMA & GSM. Just because Tmo didn’t work for you makes all sense that Sprint 3.0 will or call work for you. All that’s needed is a little time for RW to roll the Sprint 3.0 plan out to see how phones can connect to it.

An older phone on the refund plans is a great idea.

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I’m sorry in kind of tech illiterate, what does CDMA & GSM mean?

My main reason for wanting to go back is I really need the picture texts and GPS for coaching and I had that with my old phone for $5 less per month. I have till the 24th to return this one and if they don’t get it worked out I will be without a usable phone.

They’re different types of network technologies. CDMA is almost exclusively in the US. GSM is a world-wide standard. In the US:

CDMA = Sprint & Verizon (in the Republic case, Sprint)

GSM = T-Mobile & AT&T (in the Repbulic case, T-Mobile)

With the Moto G4 when I transfered numbers all of my contacts transfered as well. If I go with the Moto X XT1049 will that process be the same?

Jason & all – what a MESS you have discovered in a big “gotchya”. Makes me shiver to even think about buying anything new! I was about to buy a G 4th gen “Play” model @ $129 direct from Motorola. Glad I checked here 1st.

So here’s some more Q’s I have for the smarter community on here – #1) for the “Moto G4 Play” to work on Republic I have to buy a Sim Card, which I see priced at $5 … I presume this is a 1-time cost, not a monthly fee of $5?

#2) does this Simm card need to be placed in and kept inside my new phone, or is it only needed temporarily to finalize & initiate the new phone to sync-up to Republic? I do not want to lose the Sim slot, for potential future Simm micro-SD Memory use.

#3) Do i need to buy only a G4 Play Model #1607, or a #1609 specifically, to be Republic compatible?

#4) Like jason, I am on the old $25 plan providing 2GB/mo, unlimited Text/Talk… so if I buy this “newbie” Must I now upgrade to the $30/mo plan as Jason did, in order to use the Moto G4 Play while getting the same 2GB data?

I do not blame Republic for the rat’s-nest of gotchya’s when laying out more & newer options, but for the good of the base of it’s Customer, something outta be annotated somewhere for us Dummies !! Thx to you all…


Yes same process to going back to the old phone.

There’s a free GPS app HERE HERE WeGo - City Navigation - Android Apps on Google Play

The G4 should be using the Google Messenger but here’s the link to it. Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play This app allows the MMS pic texts.

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@toma.sdyayk ,

1…You will need a new RW 3.0 GSM SIM purchased from RW or Amazon and it’s a 1-time cost.

2…SIM needs to remain in phone and a SD can be added. Different card holder.

3…Compatible SKU number: XT1607Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

4…If you normally use between 1GB-2GB then you’d have to go with that plan. You have the option to choose a lower data plan and upgrade to the next level during the billing cycle it more is needed. 3.0 do not refund unused data as the 2.0 plans did.

They said I can go with a 1st or 3rd gen Moto X. What generation is the Moto X XT1049?

the Republic Moto X 1st Gen XT-1049 (1.0 and 2.0 plans)

the Republic Moto X 2nd Gen XT-1094 (1.0 and 2.0 plans)

the Moto X Pure Edition is the 3rd Gen (3.0 plans only though they may have a few on CDMA network when ordered by a current customer in bad GSM coverage area with no notification on it’s CDMA vs the advertised GSM)

Okay I ordered a 32GB XT1049, hopefully it treats me as well as my Moto G did before it went black.

I’m trying to return my G4 and I can’t find where I print the return label.

My new G4 coverage sucks compared to my old 1st gen Moto X. I needed better battery life, but the new & improved??? coverage/provider requires much more switching between towers and drains the battery quickly (once in 7 hours during a 450 mile trip). Found out too late to return and Republic will not publish my negative review. Contacts @ Republic refused to say who carriers are. I know it’s not Sprint, because I never had problems with the old phone on their system. Any advice besides limiting apps data use or making it useless (airplane mode)?

The GSM cellular carrier for the 3.0 phones is T-Mobile. You can download an app like SignalCheck Lite and confirm it for yourself.

Well the good news is that 3.0 CDMA service with Sprint may be available relatively soon and your G4 is likely one of the phone that would be able to use it.

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

In the mean time you can look at this map to see where your GSM service may work better.

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


Make a support ticket asking to return the phone on the 14 day guarantee. They will email a return label to you that you print.

Money Back Guarantee Update

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