I went swimming with my Moto G5s Plus. I put it in rice. Should I just buy a new phone?

_ I took my MotoG5sPlus for a swim last night

  • It has been in rice for about 10 hours
  • I did not take the back off. I don’t think I can
  • I’m traveling tomorrow morning.

Should I

  • buy a phone right now?
  • fire it up to see if it works?
  • something else?
    Thank you!

Hi @bethd.0ub2aa

I’m sorry to read about the inadvertent swimming lesson :frowning:

I think having the phone turned off and sitting in a warm, not hot, well-ventilated area is better than putting a phone in rice, especially if that includes rice in a sealed plastic bag. I recommend having the phone off for at least 24 hours as best.

For all this the phone may not work again. How important is a day without a phone to you? You can purchase a compatible phone locally. If you remove the SIM from your phone, you should see the word “republic”. Are the letters in “public” green or greyish/black. If they are green, that is a GSM SIM card and can be moved to any compatible phone.

Here is a link to an excellent guide for finding a compatible phone:


Thank you for the help.
I do need to figure out compatible phones. This one clearly has water inside it.
I cannot retrieve the SiM card. I have followed the procedures found online.
This seems very basic, but if you have tips on getting the ■■■■ drawer to open I would appreciate.
I will go to a repair place today.
Oh, also, if I get the sim card out, will my photos be on it?
Sorry to be so dim. I’m quite flustered.

The SIM card doesn’t contain any personal information. If you look here https://photos.google.com do you see your photos?

No. My photos aren’t there.

For getting the SIM card out:

Find SIM card tray slot at the top.
Insert the SIM ejection tool that comes with the phone into the hole and push firmly but gently until the tray pops out.
If you do not have a SIM ejection tool handy, you can also try a small paperclip that or a needle or pin. The needle or pin may work better if you snip off the point using diagonal cutting pliers or a similar tool.

Remove the tray and the SIM card in it.


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