I would like to upgrade my Moto x 1st gen to a Moto Z Play. Republic info states my area is not optimized for this. Can someone explain this in detail?

There is a tower a few hundred yards from here that “as far as I have researched” has all the carriers, CDMA, GSM, 3g and 4gLTE. The tower was put up around 2011. Republic states the Moto Z Play is not optimized for this area. Does that mean it will not work at all? I’m on WiFi at home 98% of the time when I’m in this area. I like the extra battery option and other features of the Moto Z Play.

Which network is the Moto Z Play on with republic? An AT&T coverage chart shows we have gsm and 4g LTE coverage here. I prefer to have a GSM/4gLTE phone vs CDMA. Currently I have sprint CDMA on my Moto X 1st gen. I’ve had that one phone with republic for around 5 years.

FYI - The Moto x still works but starting to have some issues, flashlight stopped working, gps stopped, the screen flickers when light hits the camera lens on the glass/screen side of the phone, when it’s on standby only. I had the battery replaced last year. Tried clearing the cache. I upgraded from the $10 plan to the refund plan a couple years ago. My average bill is around $13-$14/month. I see I’ll have the new $20/month bill to upgrade.

your Republic Moto X 1st Gen runs on the CDMA partner (Sprint) while the Moto Z Play is a GSM only and runs on the GSM partner (T-Mobile)

a signal tower in a area does not make good coverage (it may be fine at home but then a phone moves around an area coverage may not be up to par

Republic partner for GSM may not be on that tower as it is one of 2 major and lots of local carriers that may own/lease/use that tower, and if Roaming not all towers will provide the data need for Republic to properly sent text and route calls (like most of the states of Iowa and Wisconsin)

It’s also possible Republic coverage checkers is incorrect and coverage will be fine I would check the Partners coverage map Personal Coverage Check

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