I would prefer to buy the Moto X4 with 64G but you aren't offering it


I would prefer to buy the Moto X4 with 64G but you aren’t offering it. Will it be available soon?


I have yet to see anyone offering a 64 GB version (even Motorola site only shows a 32 GB options)

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@drm186 is correct. While the pre-release specs mentioned a 64GB version, I can’t find one anywhere. Both Motorola and Google Fi only have 32GB versions.


you can add Amazon to that list that only have a 32 GB version

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While a 64gb option is not available with the Moto X4, the phone supports a microSD Card expansion up to 2 TB. The recent Android system builds also include the option of adoptable storage which allows you to turn your SD card into “internal” storage if needed.


I think everyone would like all phones released with 64GB minimum since the OS (operating systems are getting so large. Right now a 16GB phone is almost useless, well in my eyes it’s useless. If anyone finds the elusive Snipe (64GB) just message me and I will be second on the list right after you to get one or two. The X4 is a very nice and decent phone. I really like mine!
The G5+ is a very nice phone with the 64GB option if that helps. I own a G5+ also .

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My Moto X Pure (still waiting on the new update… grumble…) currently is sitting at 21.41gb reported free space total with 10.33 of 24gb internal and 3.13gb external. Which isn’t bad.

What I noticed is that even while they say adaptive storage makes the sd card like like internal storage, it more or so merges the SD card with the internal virtual SD card. This way, the internal storage is only for installing apps while all the data is that gets defaulted to the sd card (unless I got the wrong idea in my head)

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I am not sure on that point on the merging. I will find out after my cards get delivered by Amazon and we can have hands on opinions on it.

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I have only 16GB of internal storage in my MXP. More than 5GB is still unused, so I don’t anticipate problems when/if Nougat for GSM finally gets here. If needed, I can still shift some things to external storage.


The Moto X4 seems to suffer from a problem in that file-based encryption is enabled by default, and Android Nougat won’t allow adoptable storage when the file-based encryption is enabled. I have read quite a few reviews from disappointed X4 owners.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Moto X4 supports file-based encryption (FBE). File-based encryption allows different files to be encrypted with different keys that can be unlocked independently. File-based encryption cannot currently be used together with adoptable storage. On devices using file-based encryption, new storage media (such as an SD card) must be used as traditional storage.

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