Icons on top of screen


Does anyone know what the status icon is that looks like an H with an X over the strength bars? (Moto G6 Play)


the H means the network your connected to is HSPA or HSPA+ (a GSM 3rd gen Cell Technology) the little x is a sign telling you the tower your connected to is not passing though data

we have seen cases with the H that was Roaming but was not showing the usual R or triangle, usually when the roaming would be treated as native by the GSM carrier but not for MVNO like Republic)
can you give a zip code of where this is happening?


53081 and 53044. It is a Republic phone.


I checked the GSM coverage {T-moble} (found here Coverage Check | Republic Wireless) it does show 4G LTE coverage but also shows this lots of fair coverage around the area.
you can try rebooting in a strong signal area, it would also not hurt to reset your republic connection when you are on WiFi by dialing #*#*8647#*#*

you could also try out a CDMA SIM (republic other cell partner which is Sprint) in your phone by

here the coverage for CDMA (Coverage Check | Republic Wireless)


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