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So I’ve already been duped by two T-Mobile “G930U” GSM-only eBay phones for me and my wife. I’ve since wised up at least a little and am now looking for true CDMA/GSM phones. I found one that states in the description:

This is a CDMA & GSM UNLOCKED phone which is compatible with AT&T / T-Mobile, Verizon and any other GSM Network worldwide.

This is NOT Compatible with Sprint Network.

If it is a true GSM/CDMA capable phone what would cause it to not work on just Sprint? What phone variant would that be? Could this just be referencing the Hands Free Activation loop that the seller thinks is problematic but in reality can be bypassed by the package disabled app? It’s quite frustrating with all these sheep in wolves clothing. Would love some help in trying to find a decent phone!


This could be a phone black listed by Sprint [as the person who owned it still owes money on it or it is a phone that was on Sprint and was reported lost/stolen therefore Sprint has black listed,
It could also be the SM-G930V just reflash with the SM-G930U code but a Verizon MEID and therefore Sprint will not let it activate [this is though them or their MVNOs]

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You might want to try a reputable vendor with new or used phones. Cost may be more but could be offset somewhat if you don’t have to pay sales tax. Might be worth it is you value your piece of mind and time.



I’ve got some advice about these types of things here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone that you might find useful.

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