Identifying the underlying GSM Partner phone number

Since switching over to the GSM partner, I have been getting phone calls that I normally don’t answer because I have “Do Not Disturb” on. I answered one the other day, and this lady (who I don’t know) says I called her number, which of course I did not. Is there a way to find out your underlying GSM number?
I would like to add it to the national and state “Do not call” database.
It was easy to get the CDMA underlying number on my wife’s new X4, but I have a Z3 Play on the GSM partner.

I just tried this with my Moto e5 play that I bought from RW. It worked. It is GSM but I switched over to MINT Mobile, (T-Mobile MVNO), about 6 weeks ago to give them a try. I will tell you that when I switched from CDMA, Sprint, to GSM, T-Mobile the spam calls STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!!
When I ran the process stated below it only showed one phone number. This might be because when I switched from a landline to RW my number was UNLISTED. Give it a go and see what you get.

How to find your hidden background number on T-Mobile or Sprint

TL;DR: Dial *#*#4636#*#* and go to “Phone information” on T-Mobile, or dial ##3282# and go “Data Profile” on sprint.

When you use Republic Wireless, you get two phone numbers. One is your “front” number. This is the number Republic gives you and that you should give to other people. It will directly ring your phone over Wi-Fi or forward the call to your “background” number on a cell network. This second number is the actual phone number to directly ring your cell phone over Sprint or T-Mobile.

This matters for a few reasons. First, your background number might be recycled from someone else, so other people might still be trying to call and text that number. Second, some services (like Lyft and Google Voice) know that your front number doesn’t connect to a real phone, and will refuse it. So you might need to know your background number to sign up for them.

You can find your background number for T-Mobile by dialing *#*#4636#*#* on your phone. This should pull up a hidden menu called “Testing”. Go to “Phone information” and you can find your background phone number in the second line. If you still use Sprint, dial ##3282# , go to “Data Profile”, and the phone number will be the first part of the username.

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sounds like a telemarketer spoofed your number (or underlying number) (which they do by random) there not much that can be done.


Thanks WILLUM0, that is EXACTLY what I needed!

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Given this, it is highly likely it has nothing to do with your underlying number, but is likely spammer caller id spoofing:


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