Ido you have discount for seniors, veterans

Does republic wirell offer senior, or veteran discoun to plans and phones

Not currently. All the current offers and promotions can be found at:

Many of the offers on the page of current promotions seem to have expired.

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I want to keep my same plan but want a newer samsun android phone. This one does not open most messages, video, or email from apple iPhones, nor can I forward messages, text to them

Hi @josephs.l3ag4u,

Welcome to the Republic Member Community :slight_smile:

Your Republic Samsung phone should be able to do all those issues you mentioned. Would you like the Community to see if we can get your current phone working for you? :slight_smile:

I would like to start by seeing if your phone is optimized for Republic. Please look over this Tips & Tricks check-list and go through your phones settings to see if it helps with some of your issues:

Please come back and let us know how it goes :smiley:

Added: The above information might not work for your phone if it is an older model (Android 9 or lower) Can you let us know what model you have?


If I understand you don’t have a Samsung phone now but are thinking about one, correct? If so, is your phone an older model where you’re using a messaging app with an icon that looks like this: :messaging: ? If so, that’s likely the cause of your issue as that app was discontinued quite a while ago and has been replaced by Google’s Message that has an icon that looks like this :messages:. You’ll want to download messages from the Play Store and open and set it as the default messaging app and use that moving forward. It will likely resolve the issues that you’re having.

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