If BYOP S6, why not BYOP S6 Active?

Hi everyone,

I would like to understand better why, if a Samsung S6 is approved for BYOD (at least in some buildsRepublic Wireless Phones), what is different in the S6 Active in particular, and other S6 flavors in general, that keeps them off the Approved list? We want to move to wirelessly chargeable phones and prefer a MIL-STD-810G-tested model if we can get one.

Thanks in advance for any info or doc references!


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It is a carrier specific build for AT&T … here is a copy of chat with the Samsung folks

Sharon K: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung pre-sales support. We appreciate your interest in Samsung products. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: Hi, is the Samsung S6 Active truly unlocked or is it an AT&T only phone

Sharon K: I understand that you are referring to Galaxy S6 active 32GB (AT&T) model.

Visitor: Yes

Sharon K: Galaxy S6 active 32GB (AT&T) is a AT&T carrier phone.

Sharon K: It is not a unlocked device.

Visitor: OK thanks very much

Sharon K: You’re Welcome.

Sharon K: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Visitor: no, all set thanks for the quick response

Hi Jben,

I read the same thing about the Active models (AT&T-specific), but did find a listing on Overstock.com: Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more . Shows the “G890A” model number. I guess whoever posted that on the Overstock site made an error.

I came across a post recently (not on a RW list) that true portability of a phone involves more than just the SIM card - a carrier identifier that lives in the phone (maybe model #) & is detected by a carrier’s software. Is that part of the way the carrier specificity is enforced?

Odd that RW accepts both S7 and S7 edge, and also S6, but not S6 edge.


In Republic’s case, the Republic 3.0 app is the enforcement mechanism. Among other things, it looks at both the model number and software build on the phone.

Republic does not accept all models of the S6, S7 or S7 edge, only North American factory unlocked variants designated models SM-G920T, SM-G930U and SM-G935U respectively. In the case of the S6 because Samsung used the SM-G920T model designation for both the North American factory unlocked and T-Mobile carrier branded variants, Republic specifies specific software builds for that phone. Granted it’s confusing but the confusion is largely of the manufacturer’s and carrier’s making.

As a point of information, Republic (like other MVNOs) is by the definitions of the industry a service provider not a carrier, though the terms do get interchanged in everyday use.

Thanks @rolandh - this makes sense, especially if Android is built independently for each model. Build & model info are sure to have been instantiated as public global data, which will be available for the Republic 3.0 app to check.

According to Android Central, the S6 edge runs Lollipop not Marshmallow, so this may be part of the reason why the S6 edge can’t play with RW 3.0.


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