If I am moving from Verizon to the new plan can I bring my phones?

If I am moving from Verizon to the new plan can I bring my phones?
They are phones I got from Verizon. Verizon said they are “unlocked”.
2 - moto g power.

Hi @darring.snmfph,

The general answer is your Verizon branded unlocked Moto G Power phones would likely work with Republic’s new plans and you’re welcome to try. Republic offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the 5.0 plans should things not work out.

If you’d like a more specific answer, what are the first 8 digits of each of the phone’s IMEIs. Please do not post either phones’ full 16 digit IMEI. To find the phones’ IMEI, dial *#06# from the Phone app.


Unfortunately, I don’t see that particular variant of the Moto G Power on Republic’s compatibility list:

That said, they may very well work if Verizon is being accurate about their unlocked status. Do you want to try the phones you already have or would you still like an answer on the phones at Best Buy?

If I want to signup for a new plan and get 2 new phones. Can I just go to BestBuy and get unlocked phones and do the "Use your existing phone " option
phones will be the Moto G Power.

Hi @darring.snmfph and welcome to the Community!

Generally, what you propose will work. however, there are several different models of the Moto G Power. There’s a 2020 model, a 2021 model and Republic will soon be selling the 2022 model on its website. To be certain we don’t miss anything, would you be kind enough to post the Best Buy link?

Hi @darring.snmfph,

Did you just post a separate question about Verizon branded Moto G Powers?

looking through the forum there is a lot of different info. bottom line I am wondering if I need to buy phones or can I use the ones that I have, (on Verizon now)

Hi @darring.snmfph,

Because we’re communicating in two different forum threads, the conversation is getting a bit disjointed. I’ve answered in the other thread that your Verizon branded Moto G Powers might very well work though it’s not guaranteed. Would you like to try those first before considering replacing them?

When I get a moment, I’m going to merge both of your topics into one, so the conversation is in one place.

I just ordered the “Everything You Want” plan with 2 “My Existing Phone” and we will see if the old phones I am using now will work…
If they do not work, where is the best place to buy phones?

Hi @darring.snmfph,

Great! Once things settle down a bit, you might consider Republic’s online store. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of B&H Photo. Best Buy is a great choice as well, particularly if a store is local to you.

Welcome to Republic!

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