If I buy a moto g plus

If I buy a moto g plus, where can I find the best price? Should I buy an unlocked one? Is one from republic wireless locked or unlocked? How difficult is it to get is all loaded and ready to use?

The best price may not be the best place to purchase the phone. There are certain benefits to buying the phone from the Republic phone store. The price is competitive, but may not necessarily be the lowest. The Moto G5 from Republic is an unlocked phone, as are all of the phones currently sold by Republic. Setup is simple, and the phone comes with easy to follow instructions. These instructions are also available here.


Thanks! That is what I was starting to think. It should be easier for me to set up and use right away also, right?

some of the advantages buying from Republic

  • You know you buying the right model (Republic sell the North American unlock version of it’s phones and that the only version that Republic supports for BYOD please see supported phones for corrcet model numbers
  • SIM is included with phone purchase and will ship with the phone)
  • Republic coverage check will assign the best network partner base on you zip code (BYOD SIM are GSM and must be activated on GSM before Republic support can convert and ship out a CDMA if that coverage is needed)

BYOD may be cheaper and the only option for some phone modeled (like the 64 GB version of the Moto G5S Plus)

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The G5+ is an easy phone to set up as long as you have your ducks in a row… Here is what you need:

  1. The password to connect to you WiFi or public WiFi.
  2. A Gmail account and password.
  3. A Republic Wireless account and password.

You will be prompted for all of the above during the setup process.

Early-on you will want to familiarize yourself with the Play Store. If the Play Store asks for a credit card you can choose to skip that option.

You will want to use the Republic Anywhere messaging app instead of the one that comes with the phone. You can also put a version of Republic Anywhere on your PC and message from there AND from the phone.

Typically a new phone gets a LOT of updates when first activated. I recommend letting the update process finish before trying to use the phone. To monitor the update process and respond to requests as necessary put your finger on the top-center of the screen and swipe downward. This will open the notification shade where you can monitor what the phone is doing.

The entire setup process, including updates, takes about an hour but most of this is hands-off since the phone automatically takes care of updates. It will prompt you to do things from time-to-time.


OK - I ordered a moto G 5 Plus. It will come with a sim card, right?
What will I need to do to change my account and info from my moto g 1st rev to the new phone?

You are all so helpful! Thank you so much!

I ordered it from RW!

the SIM will be Shipped with the Phone (though you will meed to install it)
once installed and you download the Republic 3.0 app you will activate the phone as a line replacement though the app)


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If you were using the Moto G 1st gen, which is for the “Legacy” 2.0 Refund Plan…be aware that the newer devices are not supported on that plan.

You will be switching to the current 4.0 non-refund based plan when u go through the activation process.

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