If I buy a phone that switches to cdma can I make it work on Sprint towers

If I were to buy a 6P that is cdma capable, can I set it to run on that system so that I have access to the Sprint towers? The gsm t-mobile coverage is terrible in my location.

I think the answer is no because I know of a person with a Moto Pure that also can switch to cdma but she was not able to.

I am learning more and more but I am no expert. We have a Moto-x first generations and they run on Sprint. I will not buy a new phone until I can get this capability.



Hi @alk.p6cabs,

Given that you currently have Republic phones with CDMA coverage, the likelihood if you purchase your Nexus 6P from Republic is it will ship provisioned for CDMA (Sprint). Bring your own phone remains GSM only.

I suggest starting here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless. Plug your zip code in. If you see some of the phones presented as not being optimized for service in your area, you’ll definitely get CDMA on any phone that is listed as optimized for your area. More from Republic here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

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