If I get a new phone will my provider be the same? CDMA, not GSM

If I get a new phone will I still get 4G LTE like I currently do with my Moto G 3rd Generation? Currently I’m on the CDMA provider, but my brother and sister had the new Moto G4 and their GSM coverage didn’t work well even though it said it covered their area.

I don’t see a coverage map anymore on the site, but it looked like for the GSM provider would roam in my area. However, the CDMA provider coverage my area very well.

My zip code is 54481. I’m also a just a little confused why the phones are limited down to a specific number.

If I buy a new phone, the Moto G4 for instance, will it be a phone that will work on CDMA and will I still get 4G LTE?

your zip code is showing CDMA (BYOD not supported and GSM only phones are not optimized so you should get a CDMA version

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