If I order a phone from Motorola, what do I need to know about getting a SIM card


I’ll just preface this with saying I am not so good with technology. To the point where I am unsure if I even have a sim card. I’ll be purchasing the Moto G Power phone through Motorola as the one on this site is on backorder. Can you look up my account and let me know what my next steps are in terms of ensuring I still have service once the new shiny phone arrives?

Thank you

Hi @jacquelines.rrz0nu,

When you ask a question in our Member Community, you are, for the most part, asking other members like yourself. They don’t have access to look up things on your account.

If you open the Republic app and follow these steps, you can determine whether your SIM card is GSM or CDMA:

If it’s GSM, then you can simply move it to the new phone. You’ll need to do some things to the phone first, (see below) but at least you won’t need a new SIM card.

If it’s CDMA, you’ll need to get a new SIM card from our Help Team.

Once you have the SIM card question answered, here are the other things you’d need to do to the new phone:

  1. When you turn it on, it will walk you through some steps to connect to WiFi and add a Google account. You’ll need to do all that.
  2. It may also need to do some system updates. Get those out of the way.
  3. Then you should update all the apps on the phone.
  4. Finally, install or update the Republic app, if that hasn’t already happened during the previous steps.

Then install the SIM card, reboot the phone, open the Republic app and follow any steps it asks you to do. Once that’s complete, make sure calling and texting works as expected, and let us know if you have any questions. We’d also love to hear what you think of your new phone.

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