If I sell my extend home can the purchaser still activate it

Hi, I have been using an Extend Home to allow us to effectively use Republic as the VOIP provider for our home phone. I am switching to another provider and won’t need the Extend Home box anymore. Since you no longer offer the product, I would like to try to sell it to someone who would still like to use it. I know that I can disassociate it with my phone #, but can the new owner still activate it on their account or is that no longer possible?

extended home is no longer supported and will not function once it is disassociated it can NOT be reassociate with another number

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so I also can’t switch it to one of my other republic phone numbers?

that is correct it can not be moved to another line as there no official way to associate different line to it , Republic is no longer supporting Extended home, currently active ones can continue at this time but it’s not possible to move to a different line

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