If I'm out, the Extend home phone will ring

So this just occurred to me…

I’m out and about, and I’m receiving calls on my phone. Every time my phone rings, the analog phone in my house rings. Hmmm…

Hi @ceedee,

Yes, this is the expected behavior. Can you please tell me what your thought are around this?

My wife is home. I’m out. My phone rings. The home phone rings. Does she answer it?

No way to know if it’s a call for me, or a call coming directly into my landline number.

What happens if she picks up before I do?


One handset would not be serving both a landline number and your cell number at the same time. We’re not forwarding calls to your home phone. We’re creating an extension to your cell number.

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Good clarification, thanks.

It was suggested to me to plug the ATA into a RJ11 jack, and then all the phones in my house will ring. Those same phones are connected to my Verizon service via copper (POTS). If the base phone (and its second wireless handset) are either on the ATA -or- Verizon, then I have a problem.

I’m confused!

You can’t have both POTS service AND the ATA connected to the same wiring at the same time.

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Yea, that makes sense. I may need to tap out. Let me think a bit.

For this to work as you envision would require a two-line phone. Additionally, as @louisdi points out POTS landline service and your ATA can’t be simultaneously connected to your wall jacks,

You would need to plug the ATA into one line of a two-line phone and POTS service into the other. You’d also want a two-line phone capable of offering different ringtones for each line.

I understand your use case, and it’s theoretically possible, however, isn’t necessarily what Republic designed Extend Home for.

I’d need a second phone, dedicated to the ATA. That means another appliance “somewhere.” We “live” in the family room, and the landline is already on an end table. No room for another phone. I’d rather just get up and find my mobile if I have to.

@southpaw, unless I’m missing something, I think I’m tapping out.

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Or new two-line phones:


Generally, folks are moving away from landlines. The majority of households are mobile phone only. Something like Extend Home might be seen as a way to leverage one’s mobile phone for use as if it were a landline as well.

Good idea, but not worth the investment.

I need my landline for my security system. Long story.

As I mentioned, I’ll just find my phone.

@southpaw, I’d be happy to test this in a “temporary” configuration until beta is complete. Your call (NPI).

A security system is an excellent reason for maintaining a landline. Security systems increasingly use cellular (I don’t generally suggest VoIP for a security system), however, for folks in rural areas cellular coverage remains a challenge.

The reason I have RW in the first place is that I’m in a dead zone! Other than the security system, it’s a huge waste of. money. We’ve turned off the ringer because 99.9% of the calls are spam. The last legitimate call we received was over three weeks ago.

This is exactly what we want to do…get away from the landline by leveraging one of our mobile phones. Our current provider actually does a VoIP but modem provides dial tone to standard handset base-station used for wireless throughout the house. They do battery backup for modem to keep landline in service.

We plan to plug the ATA into our router and use a standalone handset on just the ATA device to test. Should not cause any problems that we can see since ATA device goes IP via router and is provisioned to one of our cell phones. Never does the cell and existing landline cross :smiley: All this is if we understand the device. Yes, we would need to battery backup the router for power failures…but then again a big outage might take internet connection down too.

As far as device ringing test handset…we’ll just turn the ringer off. Cell phone will ring when we’re home anyway. Hopefully someone will let us know if there is any problem with this basic test setup!

Hi @ceedee,

We’d appreciate your participation. We’d love to know whether this earns its space on the end table, or if you still feel it to be unnecessary clutter after testing.

Do you have a spare handset you can test with?

I do! I can easily get this working, and can provide feedback on functionality. And, I can provide feedback on practicality, as defined by my situation.

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