If phone dies, can calls to its number be forwarded awaiting new phone?


I have a virtual phone number for a business, which number is currently forwarded to my RW phone. If I port that virtual number to the RW phone, and then for some reason the RW phone dies, can I contact RW and have calls coming to the then-RW number forwarded to my personal cell phone while I’m getting the broken phone repaired or replaced? Else, I could miss business calls until RW phone was repaired or replaced.

(Actually, as I typed this, I realized I don’t even know how to forward my G4 in the first place! Another thing to look up in the Q&A!)




We do not have a forwarding feature on our service so there would be no way to do this on the phone or through support.

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Hi @larryk.h9jt39,

Republic has forwarding on no answer, which it refers to as voicemail forwarding. More on that and how to set it up here: How to Forward Your Voicemail Messages – Republic Help.

Based on your description, I don’t think it’s a match for your needs. Specifically, voicemail forwarding must be setup from a working phone. It cannot be set up after a phone breaks.



Drat! I never thought to ask if the phone had a forwarding feature: I just assumed ALL phones did.

Well, let me ask a different - but related question: If I had my phone set up to go to Voice Mail if not answered, THEN the phone broke, would that voice-mail-because-of-no-answer keep happening?

If the voice mail’s the same number as the phone itself, would I be able to call the RW # and retrieve messages using a passcode, even though there was not an actual working phone for that # at the moment? Or, does voice mail perhaps go to a different phone number, so that voice mails could be retreived remotely?

Again, thanks.



Hi @larryk.h9jt39,

You can access voicemail remotely, even if the phone is broken, assuming you had the PIN set in advance. Instructions are here: How to Access Your Voicemail – Republic Help

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