If the Account Owner cancels their line, are they still the Account Owner?


I am the account owner and will be cancelling my line (porting my number to a different service). There will be two lines left on the account. Will I still be the Account Owner? If so, great, but I will probably end up making my wife the account owner after I am ported over. Or, am I supposed to change the ownership over to my wife before I port over?

I just want to make sure that when my line is ported over that I don’t somehow mess up our access to the account.

I am somewhat sad to be leaving RW, but my phone is dying. I found a Black Friday deal on a Moto G6 with Project Fi for $100 less than I could get it here (or elsewhere, really). The deal does require that I activate with Project Fi, but even if it is a bit more expensive for my use pattern, it will be many months before I would eat up the savings on the phone. Still, I may be back in a few months…



You only have to activate with Fi for 30 days, so you could come back for the savings quickly, if you’d like!

Anyway, moving a line off the account changes nothing. You’d have to go here: Account Management | Republic Wireless to make changes to the account owner information.




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