If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, RW works for Innocaptions

If anyone here is Deaf or Hard of hearing, I recommend to use the Innocaption App (totally FREE app) over any other apps you find. It is approved by the FCC. I do need to make you aware that you will have to verify when you download this app that you are Deaf or Hard of hearing and you are the one that will be using it. You do have to give your name, SS number, address, etc as this is an FCC approved service for the Deaf and hard of hearing only. This isn’t for the general public to just use, it is for those that truly need it and paid for by the government for us to have so we can make calls ourselves. And this app is only in English as far as I am aware, it is not an app you can use to transcribe from one language to another, there are other apps for that purpose. That said…

Innocaptions is the best app (and again it is free) I found and it works great with RW and it is approved by the FCC. Let me explain why its the best one first and then I will tell you how to make it work with RW without needing call forwarding. It took me a while to figure out how to do this for myself so my hope is to help others and also to help RW be able to say that people who are Deaf can still use their service with this work around.

Innocaptions is the best app for captioning because it is the only app that gives you a choice of having your call transcribed by a third person listening in and typing for you (live transcribed) or you can choose to use voice recognition and it automatically types for you what the other person is saying without a third person listening in making this option more private. It also will save your transcript so you can refer back to the call if you need to remember something (this is something other apps don’t do)

Now how to get it to work with your RW number. You can either opt to give everyone your innocaptions number and let calls go direction to the Innocaptions app, OR you can still use your RW number and put that in the innocaptions app in settings as the number you want to appear to people you call.

If you want to use your RW number and not the Innocaptions number, you can. This is how you would forward all your calls to Innocaptions from RW:

  1. go to your Republic Wireless App, Click the gear to go into settings, click on call and voicemail settings, then scroll to the bottom and click Voicemail Forwarding, then when that opens up, click each one of the options and put your Innocaptions number in each box.

  2. When you get a call to your RW number, swipe to ignore it, and wait a second and it will then ring into your Innocaptions app and you can then answer it there and it will caption for you what is being said. If you don’t answer it right away, it will automatically after a few rings, go straight to the Innocaptions app and ring there as well. Innocaptions has a VM box for your Vm to go to. This is where you will now find Voicemails in the Innocaptions app and you can then have them captioned for you as well.

  3. For calling out, you can either just use the innocaptions app to make a call out, but this will be over wifi only. If you want to use it over cell so you can use it anywhere, in the Innocaptions app, go to settings, Innocaption features, then Cellular calling mode and enable that. This will give you a warning that it will use your cellular calling which for some providers costs money but with RW, we have unlimited calling so no worries there. Click to enable cellular calling mode.

Now when you call someone, your phone icon will pop up (like if you were calling normally from RW) and it will say at the top That it is using innocaptions, then the RW will go to a dot mode and your innocaptions app will also open up at the same time but will be full screen so you can read what is being said.

Just make sure that when a call comes to your direct RW number, you decline it, then it will IMMEDIATELY ring into your Innocaptions. It will not go to your RW voicemail because you have put call forwarding in the voicemail so it will forward the calls to your Innocaptions app.

This app has worked wonderfully for me. At first it wasn’t because I didn’t have the cellular call option on so it only wanted to work over wifi, but with cellular calling enabled, it works everywhere if anyone calls me now.

This app is better than Googles Live transcription app because it doesn’t give some lengthy announcement at the begining of the call like Google does. There is no announcement so the other person doesn’t even know you are Deaf or hard of hearing unless you tell them.

I have found no issues making and receiving calls with this app. It is not invasive and I use the Word Recognition option for optimum privacy. And it is better than TTY because you can just make calls like normal without having to know TTY numbers etc. And being able to use my RW phone number and not having to give others some new number, helps a lot too.

Hope this helps someone else.


I hope you don’t mind, I moved your post to the tips and tricks section where it will have more visibility in the long term. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!


I’m just curious. If you don’t mind sharing, what caption app(s) do you use for phone calls? I know Google Voice tries to transcribe voicemails, but that’s about it. Actually, I do know that a few years ago VoicePop was a good way to transcribe short WhatsApp audio messages, and there are other apps to transcribe those audio messages, too. I think VoicePop is not actively being developed now and is out of service for at least Android users, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know sign language, but I do consider Spanish my 2nd language. I think it would be interesting know more about phone captioning apps in general for those in the language learning field.

afloridian, Google has a live caption app for android 10 and up, but it has a long recorded message at the beginning that causes the other party on the other end to hang up thinking its a spam call and you have no way to opt out of that recording which nobody can understand why they have it. But I use Innocaptions. it is free and is approved by the FCC for those that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing You do have to verify to them that you are Deaf or hard of hearing when you download it. It is not meant to be something just for the general public to use, it is for those of us that truly need it and they do ask for your SS number and other personal information for verification purposes. It is not available for spanish, its not that type of captioning app. It is for those of us that are Deaf to be able to read what is being said so we can make calls on our own. If you are interesting in knowing more about it for someone that is Deaf or hard of hearing, you can read more about it on the post I just created here: If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, RW works for this:


Louisdi, no problem, I wasn’t sure where to post it, so thank you.

afloridian, it turns out with the new update, Innocaptions also had a Spanish option but only with the voice recognition. They do not offer a spanish option for the live transcriber service though. However, as I said before, you can only use Innocaptions if you verify you are Deaf or hard of hearing and need it as it is paid for through the US government. Hope this info helps.

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