If you said something I did not hear it

After I hang up a call from the same number rings back. Sometimes the message is “if you said something I did not hear it”. Could this be Google Voice which I do not use?

That is google voice search or the phone voice /name lookup.

Thank you for the info, is there a way to turn it off?

Good evening @0dbdeb6f-a5d1-48a2-b6fc-b0cbdb0b96fc!

Swipe left to the Google Now launcher (or open the Google App) and click the three horizontal bars on the top left. Then tap “Settings”. If you click on “Voice” and then Click “OK Google detection” you can disable voice recognition. Is that what you were looking for? There may be other settings in there that I am not aware about so you want to poke around in there. Hope that helps!


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