If you use Linux, you might like KDE Connect (gsconnect)


If you are a Nerd like myself, and use Linux for your OS of choice, you may not have heard about KDE Connect and the Gnome equivalent gsconnect. These applications allow you to connect your phone to your Linux computer and send/receive SMS, receive notifications, use a file manager to browse your phone, send files, etc. There are a great many apps available in the iphone and android stores that do similar sorts of things. The nice thing about these are that they are obviously open source, designed NOT to spy on you, to be secure, and designed to integrate into the DE.
One installs the KDE or Gnome application on the PC, and the common KDE Connect app on the phone.


Nice idea @gator73! Would it be possible for you to add some examples and any setup tips to help members get going with this if they might be interested.


There are many tutorials on the Internet, here are two very good ones: