IIs it possible for cell coverage to change for the worse over time?

I switched from Moto x1 1.0 plan to the g4+ 3.0 plan a while ago. Cell coverage improved around 03766 in NH and connecting to WiFi at home/work was better. About 2 weeks ago I’m noticing many areas that used to show decent LTE with open arc in upper left corner now show the dreaded triangled exclamation point in the upper left corner.

I was considering upgrading to 3.0 plan for family member, but now I’m wondering if the GSM coverage somehow changed for the worse. I don’t need data much around town, but do need to be able to call/text. Did we lose roaming locally or did something else change?

Maybe related, when I searched 03766 in the new RW phone search system, it said no phones in this area.

Sorry, new location search now does show RW phone will work . But also states :

Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.

Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.
We’re Sorry! These phones are not optimized for coverage in your area.

Did you go to the Shop Phones option and see some that were not recommended? If so RW believes CDMA would be a better choice for your location and newly ordered recommended phones from RW should come equipped to work on CDMA.

It’s also possible to see local coverage degradation as new towers are added and others taken out of service.

So the phones the zip code search says are compatible are the CDMA+gma phones. The gma only ones are non-compatible in my area.

I got the g4+ phone last September and it came with gma. Coverage when I got it and up to January has been great, better than my other RW CDMA (sprint) phones. This month I’m seeing a significant loss is cell coverage and the zip code search is saying gma phones not compatible in my area.

How do I figure out what changed this month (cell tower change versus RW change) and what are my options to get decent cell signal?

I’d suggest you open a Support ticket and explain the issue/changes you’ve noticed…Republic Help

Is your RW app updated? Do you know anybody else locally that uses T-Mobile GSM network that has experienced similar issues? Good luck and please keep us posted.

  • I would install an app like (1) Network Cell Info Lite or (2) SignalCheck Lite and open a ticket with Republic Help
    • A screenshot of either the Gauge or Raw view in (1) or the single view shown by (2) will provide them with the Cell tower information to support your concerns
  • The (1) is new to me, but it appears to provide a much richer set of information, and includes a good visual gauge of both Cell and WiFi. Raw view shows the data on both the connected and nearby towers.

So before submitting a support ticket I decided to simply restart the phone because I couldn’t remember if I had done a restart since phone cell reception changed for worse. For reasons unknown to me, it appears that the phone has returned to the GSM cell coverage that I was happy with between Sept and Jan.

I will drive around town later to confirm for sure all is back to normal. But why a restart would change what cell towers work with my phone is beyond my comprehension.

OK, just got back from driving around town. All is back to normal with medium to high LTE everywhere I went. No triangled explanation point and no signs of even roaming. If this is normal then all is good. Not sure what the hiccup was and why restarting phone resolved it.

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