I'm confused about the new Unlimited talk and text plan


I’m thinking of getting my father a phone and plan from republic but I don’t see anything about unlimited WiFi data like I have on my old plan. In order to get WiFi data do you have to pay for the data plan?


All Republic plans include unlimited WiFi. Your wifi bandwidth comes with your internet service that comes to the house. In other words, your Internet Service Provider, like the cable company or telephone company (if you have DSL service)… they generally provide the data bandwidth for your home wifi.

Cell phone companies provide mobile data service (internet via cell towers). I would guess your father doesn’t’ need unlimited mobile data (depending on which generation he claims as his), and RW doesn’t have a plan that includes unlimited mobile data.


Thank you. I understand all that I just wanted to make sure that WiFi data is still included like it is on my plan.


Yes, both cell and wifi calls are unlimited with Republic. I’m sure your father will enjoy his Republic phone and service. Happy Holidays! :santa:


Thanks for asking as I hadn’t noticed that. The new plan description dropped mentioning the WiFi data/calling being included. They seem to be more focused on the cell data. Marketing change?


Honestly, I’ve always found the “unlimited wifi data” language misleading. The phone, whether unactivated, activated with another carrier or activated with Republic, will have “unlimited wifi data” unless the wifi is not unlimited, in which case, that impacts the Republic phone too. Republic shouldn’t mention wifi data at all as they don’t provide it, control it, or offer access to any other wifi than you have access to whether you are their customer or not.


Good points. Maybe another intentional change for the good.


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