I'm considering Republic Wireless


I’m considering leaving my current carrier, but wanted some clarification. To my understanding $15 for unlimited talk & text + $5 1 GB? So $20 for 1 GB or is it 5 GB? Also, what happens if I exceed my data allotment?


First, you pay $15 for talk/text.

Then, in addition you pay $5 per GB of data. So, to have 1GB of data you pay $20 TOTAL for talk/text and 1GB of data.

You can’t exceed your data allotment. When you hit the allotment data is stopped unless you choose to purchase additional data.


I suggest checking the Coverage Map to make sure your have good coverage in you zip code.
R.W. has 2 partner cell network carriers, GSM(Tmobile) or CMDA(Sprint).
Certain phone models are GSM only though.

Coverage maps: