I'm flooded with Telemarketing Calls!



Ever since I switched phones (from Moto G to Moto X Pure) about two months ago I have been flooded with telemarketing calls, so much so that I get at least 10 per day. They come from local area codes and there is one that comes from 732-652 and the last four digits change everyday. I have blocked the numbers but because they change I can’t keep up with blocking them. I never had this problem when I was on the Sprint network with my old phone. Does anyone else have the same problem? Please I need advise before I go mad!


Hi @Best!

Oh dear! So you weren’t experiencing these before, correct? You may want to open a support ticket and ask them to change your underlying GSM/CDMA (whichever is applicable in your situation) number. Hopefully that will eliminate a lot of the spam calls. Hope that helps!



Open a support ticket, but you could also try installing an app like Hiya to help block those calls automatically.


A Moto X Pure may be provisioned for either GSM or CDMA coverage depending on coverage in a given area. Nevertheless, activating a new phone does result in a change in the cellular routing number regardless of which cellular partner the phone is provisioned with.


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