I'm having problems with my Moto g stylus fingerprint recognition

My fingerprint recognition is giving me trouble. I cleaned the recognition window but it’s still giving me trouble. I also restarted my phone but its still acting up.
Any idea what I could try next thanks in advance.

Hi @ralphs.sqm0de and welcome to the community. If you haven’t already the next step is to delete your fingerprint from the phone and then reenroll a new fingerprint. This usually resolves these types of issues.

I should have mentioned that I’ve done that three times.

I helped set up my mother’s Galaxy S21, and we finally gave up on the fingerprints. All I could think of was that her prints may be worn, after doing some Googling. She’s 72. I sat next to her as it kept failing during setup, had her wash her hands, tried another finger, pressed harder, etc. Finally I just grabbed the phone and I registered 2 of my own prints in about 30 seconds. So now she just uses a PIN instead. That phone has an under the screen fingerprint reader, so that could have added to the difficulty, I guess, but my prints worked fine.

Thanks,I gave up and now I use a screen pattern for unlocking my phone.

My next suggestion would be to try a different finger to see if that has any impact

Thanks, I did try that,I guess the finger recognition is defective on my phone. So I’ll just use the pattern swipe to unlock my phone.
Thanks everyone for your help!

If that’s the case, and assuming that you’ve had the phone for less than a year, that’s something that the factory warranty would cover for a replacement device.


Thanks I bought the phone from Republic Wireless. Would I contact them or Motorola?
Thanks again !

Hi @ralphs.sqm0de ,

Here is the information for a Moto warranty repair:

Thank you !

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